Dynasty Movie Planned


Dynasty is being developed as a feature film, the creators announced today. Based on the popular soap opera of the 1980’s, the focus of a wealthy oil family will be reimagined in a 1960’s setting that creators Richard and Esther Shapiro liken to “Mad Men”.

“We’re taking the Dynasty family to places they’ve never been before,” says Richard Shaprio, “It’s fun, because the fans of the show will know from the series where each of the characters end up, eventually, but what they won’t know is how they get there. There will be some very unlikely twists and situations, and people will not be expecting a lot of what we’re planning. We’re going to do a lot of coloring outside the lines…[t]he movie will be the old Dynasty, of course, but with horns.”

The script is currently said to be in development and, though the creators indicate that the project would ideally go into production next year, no studio is currently attached.

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