Dan Brown Adapting His Novel The Lost Symbol


According to The Hollywood Reporter, best-selling author Dan Brown will be handling the rewrite chores on adapting his third novel featuring symbologist Dr. Robert Langdon, The Lost Symbol, to the screen for Columbia Pictures.

The story involves Langdon traveling to the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., where he gets involved with a mystery involving the Freemasons and their search for an ancient pyramid containing vast knowledge. When the book was published in 2009, it sold a million copies in its first day.

The previous two movies starred Tom Hanks as Langdon and were directed by Ron Howard, who might be too busy adapting Stephen King’s The Dark Tower for its summer 2013 release to direct a third movie. Hanks also hasn’t committed to starring in a third movie just yet. Regardless, Columbia hired Eastern Promises scribe Steven Knight to take a first crack at adapting Brown’s novel before Brown decided to tackle it himself.