Blomkamp and Copley Reteaming for Elysium


Deadline is reporting that District 9 writer/director Neill Blomkamp and star Sharlto Copley (The A-Team) are reteaming for Blomkamp’s new sci-fi movie Elysium.

The site says that Elysium is “set in the far future on another planet and, like ‘District 9,’ is filled with many sociopolitical ideas wrapped up inside a Hollywood action film.”

Blomkamp and Media Rights Capital are currently looking for a distributor, with Blomkamp including a graphic novel in his presentation to studios. District 9 was released by Sony’s TriStar Pictures.

District 9, which was made for just $30 million, earned $210.8 million worldwide. The film was nominated for the Best Picture Oscar, as well as in the Adapted Screenplay, Film Editing and Visual Effects categories.

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