TRON Night 2010 Announced


A new viral puzzle has just launched as part of the promotion for TRON: Legacy. A tweet from the Flynn Lives movement has provided the mysterious URL, www. with the message, “How fast can you figure this one out?”

The site, pictured below, has three downloadable .ZIP files, each containing a number of mysterious documents. Click on the image below to try your hand at solving the puzzle and check back for updates as they become available.

UPDATED: Users at the Unfiction message boards solved the puzzle in record time! Within each .ZIP file are dozens of documents with mysterious characters:

When the font size is decreased, each reveals a binary images, as seen below:

Translated in order, the three folders read: “TRON” “NIGHT” and “2010”.

Turning those words into a URL, leads to an all-new site that reveals that more than 20 minutes of footage from TRON: Legacy will be screened on October 28th. Tickets will be available online beginning Tuesday, October 12th at 1pm EST.

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