Dana Carvey to Make His Comeback in Jack and Jill ?


It’s been a long time since we’ve heard the name “Dana Carvey,” at least associated with a movie, but the “Saturday Night Live” vet was once thought to be on track to be another one of the show’s future superstars. His last movie The Master of Disguise in 2002 was a surprise hit which did better than most expected, and yet, the comedian/actor has pretty much disappeared from movies and television in recent years, preferring to do live comedy via a touring stand-up act.

Having brought together a lot of his old “SNL” gang for this past summer’s Grown Ups, Adam Sandler is going back to the pool to help out another old friend, by giving a small role to Carvey in his upcoming comedy Jack and Jill.

On today’s “Live with Regis and Kelly,” Regis Philbin mentioned that he filmed a scene for the movie in which he’s playing himself and his agent Jack (played by Sandler) has booked him in a godawful commercial for Pepto Bismol or a similar substance. Carvey plays a “crazy puppeteer” controlling a giant stomach with a face that interacts with Philbin. Surprisingly, Philbin and co-host Kelly Ripa went into quite a bit of detail into the scene, even reading some lines from the sides, and Regis showed a picture of himself with Carvey, who is wearing a bright red Carrot Top-like wig and a bushy goatee.

Carvey was a long-time favorite on “Saturday Night Live” thanks to his recurring characters The Church Lady, “Wayne’s World” co-host Garth Algar, and of course, former President George Bush.

Chances are that this is a very small cameo part for Carvey that may or may not make it into the final movie. It seems very much like one of those jokey scenes done to help establish Sandler’s character, but may not be necessary to the overall story involving Sandler as the twin brother and sister of the title.

Guess we’ll have a year to wait and see, because Jack and Jill doesn’t hit theaters until November 11, 2011.

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