MYST Adaptation Moving Forward


Work has begun on bringing the popular computer game MYST to the big screen, reports Variety.

The rights to the 1993 franchise are being developed by Roserock Films and Gran Via Productions in conjunction with the Mysteria Film Group who say that they will expand the mythology of the first game and adapt elements of the series tie-in novels, “The Book of Atrus”, “The Book of Ti’ana” and “The Book of D’ni,” all published in the mid to late 1990’s.

The original MYST game was hugely popular upon its release for its (at the time) advanced graphics and mysterious tone as well as a puzzle-solving gameplay format that required only the use of a computer mouse.

MYST spawned several sequels and spin-off games between 1993 and 2005, all of which could foreseeably influence the development of the feature film version.