Super 8 Production and Viral Update


Local newstation WTOV9 has provided a look at some of the Weirton, WV locations being transformed into sets and background for Super 8. Chief among them is the Marland Heights Community Church, which is being converted to a schoolhouse (apparently called Lillians), for the shoot.

Click here to check out video from WTOV9‘s Jackie Cain which includes a look at production artwork for the school. Also showcased in the report, a deli that will double as a convenience store, a church doubling for a police station and two local houses that will be recreated in Los Angeles. Cain says that shooting is expected between September 22nd and 24th at these locations.

Meanwhile, the Unfiction ARG Forums have turned up a new viral website at The site, uncovered from fake Craiglist postings, is run by Josh Minker, a devoted rare fish enthusiast who some have speculated may be the same Josh whose name appears on the casting calls. Presumably, the rare fish site is run by the adult version of the main character.