Jillian Reynolds Joins Project X


It’s been a few months since it was announced that producers Joel Silver and Todd Phillips were teaming on the mysterious low-budget, R-rated raunchy comedy Project X, the secretive film which would be made for $12 million with a cast of unknowns. The film was said to begin shooting in mid-June with commercial director Nima Nourizadeh at the helm, but we’ve heard surprisingly little since then.

The latest news comes in the form of Jillian Reynolds née Barberie, the former weathergirl for “Fox NFL Sunday” and current co-host of “Good Day LA,” who opined on her Twitter feed about scheduling conflicts:

“Trying to clear up @gregfitzshow appearance. I told Greg I would do his show not knowing movie was shooting my scene same day and time!!”

But then her follow-up tweet a few minutes later essentially revealed that she in fact has scored a rare movie role in Project X playing herself:

“Movie is Todd Phillips (The Hangover) and Joel Silver (too many to name) I’m excited cuz they wrote the part for me so I play myself.”

Does that tell us anything about this movie? Not much. Now it’s a secret film that has a cast of unknowns … and Jillian Reynolds, and presumably, it’s still about a house party that goes wrong.

Will she be reprising one of her better-known television roles for the movie?

Guess we’ll have to wait to see when the movie comes out on November 23, 2011.