First Look at the Sanctum and The Thing Posters


The Australian International Movie Convention is taking place this week in at the Jupiters Hotel and Casino on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, and Encore magazine snapped pics of the posters for Sanctum and The Thing that are on display there.

Coming to 3D and 2D theaters on February 4th, Sanctum is an action thriller executive produced by James Cameron. The film follows a team of underwater cave divers on a treacherous expedition to the largest, most beautiful and least accessible cave system on Earth. When a tropical storm forces them deep into the caverns, they must fight raging water, deadly terrain and creeping panic as they search for an unknown escape route to the sea. The Alister Grierson-directed film, starring Richard Roxburgh, Rhys Wakefield, Ioan Gruffudd, Alice Parkinson and Dan Wyllie, was shot on the Gold Coast.

The Thing is hitting theaters on April 29 and was directed by Matthij van Heijningen. It stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Joel Edgerton, Jonathan Lloyd Walker and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. The movie serves as a prelude to John Carpenter’s classic 1982 film of the same name.