SDCC: The Tron Legacy Press Conference!

In addition to showing footage and debuting the new trailer, the cast of Tron Legacy talked to the press about the anticipated film and revealed that one of the true joys of making the sequel–some 25-plus years after the original–was playing with all of the new technology that Disney poured into the project, including the updated, uber-sleek Tron suits.

“The suits were amazing,” said Tron newcomer Olivia Wilde, who plays Quorra in the film. “They are totally revolutionary and were an honor to wear.”

The new suits were fitted to each actor using cyber-scan technology in order to create the required skin-tight fit. The suits were created with the highly-flexible, translucent lighting woven into the material – very different from the much simpler suit used by Flynn, Tron, Sark and others in the Tron world from the ’80s.

“All we had was spandex suits with magic marker,” joked Bruce Boxleitner, who reprises his role as Alan Bradley in the new movie.

Michael Sheen (Underworld, Frost/Nixon), another newcomer to the Tron universe, said one of the coolest images he remembers from the set during the shoot was related to the suits. In one main scene, he recalled being on set with a lot of ‘suited’ actors. Each time there were suited actors in a scene, director Joe Kosinski would call out – lights, camera… ‘light ’em up!’… action!

“It was so cool seeing all of the suits come on at once… you forgot to act!” he said.

Apart from the suits, star Jeff Bridges, who once again plays Flynn, told the press that he had been hearing rumors about a Tron sequel for years leading up to the actual green light, but had given up on it long ago.

“Disney wasn’t satisfied with the scripts,” he said. “So they waited… and I’m glad they did. The script was great. It tickled the kid in me, just like the first one.”

Producer Steve Lisberger recalled the thinking going into the original film versus what it was like going back into the Tron world all these years later.

“When we made the first film, all we had to do was dream,” said Lisberger. “Now we have to make all of this real.”

Speaking to the story of Tron Legacy, Lisberger said that unlike the original, which was a story of rival video game developers, the new movie centers more around the father/son relationship between Bridges’ Flynn and his son Sam, played by Garrett Hedlund. It also speaks to the expanding role of technology in modern lives.

“Technology has a dark side that keeps us from contact with each other and I think this film explores that,” said Lisberger.

The production team confirmed that they are looking to do something special with the Blu-ray releases of both Tron Legacy and the original film. No date has been set for either release, but they did reveal they are looking hard at the possibilities of a home 3D release and are watching the 3D television market closely. Kosinski said they will be as ‘forward leaning’ as they can.

“They are always looking for ways to bring the audience deeper into the movie,” added Bridges. “3D without glasses is coming… maybe holograms will be next… or maybe you’ll have to take a pill!”

Tron Legacy hits theaters this December.


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