Russell Crowe is The Equalizer !

The dust hasn’t even settled on the latest transfer of television to the big screen from 20th Century Fox’s The A-Team, which had a relatively disappointing opening weekend, yet there’s already word of another ’80s television show moving forward based on the CBS drama The Equalizer. The long in development project seems more likely to happen now that Russell Crowe has attached himself to play the lead character made famous by the late Edward Woodward, this according to a story in The L.A. Times.

Russell Crowe would play Robert McCall, the secret agent with a mysterious past who doled out vigilante Justice. Woodward played the character on the CBS show that ran from 1985 to 1989 with part of the appeal to audiences being that this was a significantly older character, Woodward already being in his ’50s when he played the part. Crowe is currently 46 years old.

Up until Crowe’s attachment, there had been scattered news about the Weinstein Company project for many years, them having signed writers way back in 2007. Scottish director Paul McGuinan (Push) at one point had been talking about directing the movie, but the most recent filmmaker name attached was director David von Ancken, who helmed the Western Seraphim Falls, starring Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson. No word on whether von Ancken is still on board.


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