Rumor: Warner Bros. Looking for Two Green Lanterns, Could Chris Pine be One of Them?

Green Lanterns

Photo: DC Comics

With San Diego Comic-Con fast approaching, rumors are flying about what to expect. With Marvel Studios pulling out of this year’s convention, Hall H is primed for Warner Bros. and DC to take over and get fans excited for their upcoming slate of films. The big rumor going around is that WB/DC is looking to pull an “Avengers moment” and show their entire cast of Justice League at the con. According to Collider, that line-up might be bigger than we anticipated with not one Green Lantern, but actually two!

After the less than stellar (putting it mildly) performance of the 2011’s Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds, rumor has it WB/DC is looking to change the focus of the film from just Hal Jordan. They’re planning on bringing in at least one other human Lantern, John Stewart, into the fray. The idea being that the Green Lantern films would feature the whole Green Lantern Corps instead of relying on Hal Jordan to carry the franchise. Introducing John Stewart would give audiences two human Green Lanterns before introducing them to the larger Corps which features aliens of all shapes and sizes.

Collider seems to think we may see one or more of these characters in The Justice League Part One which is expected to release in 2017 before we seen them in the next Green Lantern film in 2020. Earlier rumors suggested Green Lantern was going to be a character that is introduced at the end of Justice League, but if these rumors are true, we might be looking at an expanded role for the character.

Over at Latino Review, they are already discussing casting rumors. Earlier reports that Chris Pine was in negotiations to play Wonder Woman’s love interest, Steve Trevor, apparently were a smokescreen. The real role that WB was testing him for was Hal Jordan. As with all these rumors, I would take this with a grain of salt. Chris Pine’s name has been rumored for the role for a long time, and it’s hard to know whether this started as fan speculation or not.

Latino Review also gives two names for the role of John Stewart. Common and Tyrese Gibson are rumored as potential candidates. Personally, I believe this is just pure speculation based on earlier rumors. Tyrese has stated publicly that he would like the role, but that definitely doesn’t mean he’s on WB’s radar. However, the recent success of the Fast and Furious franchise might bolster his chances. Common, on the other hand, has previously been cast in this role. The abandoned Justice League: Mortal by George Miller already had Common signed to play the role of John Stewart.

It’s difficult to say if any of these rumors will pan out. Comic-Con is right around the corner and this is a prime year for WB/DC to make a huge move. They could play it safe and stick to Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, but it’s looking like they’ll do something much bigger.