Who Deserves the ‘Trainwreck’ Credit, Apatow or Schumer?

Trainwreck trailer

Amy Schumer in Trainwreck

Photo: Universal Pictures

I was able to see Trainwreck this past weekend and afterwards someone said something to me I found very interesting. The comment was something to the effect of, “Judd Apatow was lucky to get Amy Schumer.” I found it interesting because Apatow, to me, seems to be the last thing anyone is talking about when it comes to this movie now, though that wasn’t the case when the movie was first announced.

Two years ago, when the project was first announced, the headline at Deadline read, “Universal, Judd Apatow Make Movie Bet On Comedian Amy Schumer”. All the talk was about how Apatow produced Bridesmaids, launching the cinematic careers of Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, how he was behind Lena Dunham‘s “Girls” and now, here he was, bringing Amy Schumer into the spotlight, but to judge by the impression Schumer has made on her own since that 2013 announcement (and even to that point) tells me that comment above is spot on.

Apatow was lucky to get Schumer. Because Schumer isn’t some kind of Apatow discovery, Apatow is simply lucky no one else stepped up to the plate before she became a white hot sensation, especially given “Inside Amy Schumer” was an instant hit and has only continued to gain attention.

I’ll be offering up my review of Trainwreck closer to the film’s July 17 release, but I would love to see what Schumer had in terms of a script before she began collaborating with Apatow to pull it all together into what we see on screen. Oh, and what you’ve heard is true, LeBron James‘ role in the film is hilarious, but on top of that Schumer proves she is more than just about the jokes, she actually delivers a solid dramatic performance with a couple of great, key scenes.

I will say, however, this following new international trailer for the movie isn’t exactly the best representation of what it has to offer, but hey, you have to simplify things to get the butts in the seats.