Watch: Legacy Effects Builds ‘Jurassic World’s Apatosaurus

Jurassic World effects

Photo: Universal Pictures

As much as people have decried Jurassic World for its widespread use of CGI dinosaurs, the film still has its share of animatronic creatures roaming the grounds.

In a detailed video from Legacy Effects, the folks at that craft shop showcase how they built the dying Apatosaurus from one of the film’s more emotional moments.

If you recall, Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) stumble upon a herd of dead Apatosauruses, victims of the malevolent Indominus Rex. One such Apatosaurus is still alive, and Owen and Claire go over to comfort the fading dinosaur. Coupled with Michael Giacchino‘s score, the moment is one of the film’s most touching and heartbreaking – and really, it’s one that feels connected to the original Jurassic Park. Part of that emotion comes from the animatronic being able to mimic real-life reactions. I’ll maintain that the film needed CGI dinosaurs to tell most of its story, but having an animatronic creation – especially in a scene like this – paid off in dividends.

Jurassic World looks like it’s going to be the movie of the summer in terms of box office numbers and audience impact, and it shouldn’t be too long before a sequel is announced. It will be fascinating to see with a new film if they push for more animatronic dinosaurs or further push the technology of what the CGI dinos can do.

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