‘Chappie’, ‘Run All Night’, ‘Wild Tales’, ‘Newsroom’ and More on DVD & Blu-ray This Week

This Week On DVD and Blu-ray: June 16, 2015

Wild Tales
Wild Tales on DVD Blu-ray today
Because it’s in a foreign language Wild Tales was never going to be a massive hit stateside, but trust me, this is a movie you’re going to want to give a shot as six short stories come together for a wildly hysterical anthology of revenge gone wrong. You can read my theatrical review right here.
Run All Night
Run All Night on DVD Blu-ray today
Sean’s review of this one was just posted this morning (read it here), which is to say it’s something of a ho hum actioner, but does sport some solid performances.

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Spirited Away (Blu-ray)
Spirited Away on DVD Blu-ray today
This is probably my favorite Hayao Miyazaki film and it might have actually been the first of his I saw, I can’t quite remember. However, if you’re looking to get into the master animated filmmaker’s work and been looking for a good opportunity, start here.

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Newsroom – The Complete Third Season
If I remember correctly I watched the entire first season of this show, though it may have only been the first half of this season… things are a little cloudy on that front. I remember thinking it was decent, but felt a little too on the nose, a little too high and mighty. I’ve also heard this third (and final) season tries to pack way too much in in way too short a time, but I guess if you need closure, here it is.

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The Lazarus Effect
The Lazarus Effect on DVD Blu-ray today
Meh, you can read my theatrical review right here, but I’d leave it at that if I were you.

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Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business on DVD Blu-ray today
I thought the trailers for this one looked mildly humorous in the dumbest kind of way, but I’ve been told the movie is absolutely awful.

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Chappie on DVD Blu-ray today
I did not enjoy Chappie, here.

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