Michael Haneke Won’t Incite A ‘Flashmob’ but is Working On Something Else

In an interview with Le Parisien, via The Playlist, Haneke revealed he dropped his proposed new movie, about a group of characters who connect through the Internet and an ending event, but he’s now researching a France-set movie as a replacement project. Nothing else about this new movie is known. In fact, he even refused to say why he is no longer making his previously-stated next project. But that’s not shocking. Haneke isn’t really the talkative type, especially on his own projects.

As of last year, Flashmob was expected to begin production during the summer, but that clearly didn’t happen. The Playlist reports he was apparently just waiting for an actress’ schedule to clear to get going on this new movie, and what happened between then and now is unclear.

Maybe the actress he wanted couldn’t commit? Maybe he lost faith in the project? Who knows? Either way, it’s disappointing to hear him ditching a project which had a solid of chance of Haneke giving a happy ending (for once), but chances are he’ll produce something riveting in the process. Do you think he’ll use this as inspiration? That would be interesting. Imagine a Haneke-esque 8 1/2.

Whatever his new movie is, expect it to premiere at Cannes. The man’s last two movies, including 2009’s The White Ribbon, won the Palme d’Or, and there’s a solid chance he’ll take home a third win on whatever movie he makes next.