Paleontologist Jack Horner Weighs in on ‘Jurassic World’

Jurassic World featurette

Photo: Universal Pictures

Noted paleontologist Jack Horner has been with the Jurassic Park series from the first installment, helping the crew nail down the science behind the movie, and he returned to the franchise with Jurassic World as a paleontology consultant.

In a new featurette, Horner shares a little bit of information on some of the upcoming dinos in the new movie. It’s really interesting to hear Horner speak about the Indominus Rex, the film’s villainous hybrid dinosaur.

The film takes a step forward by having the new scientists create their own dinosaur, and having a guy like Horner around to shepherd the mechanics of how this new, terrifying character will work is a definite plus. Also, this is the first footage of Jurassic World‘s petting zoo that I’ve seen – an eerily serene scene.

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And, just for fun, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman joins in on the Jurassic World mayhem.

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Are you ready to return to Isla Nublar Friday?