Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Talks for English Language ‘Force Majeure’ Remake


julia-louis-dreyfusOut of the Oscar snubs this past year that bothered people, such as The LEGO Movie not being nominated for Best Animated Feature, the one that made me give the biggest disapproving head shake was the absence of Force Majeure from the Best Foreign Language Film category. Even the filmmakers had a good cry about it. If you haven’t seen it, I urge you all to go check it out. It’s on Netflix Instant, so you don’t have any excuse.

One thing, however, I don’t need, is an English language remake. Although, something that softens the blow of that notion is the great Julia Louis-Dreyfus is in talks to star in and produce the remake. It will be great to see an actor who is proven for decades she knows how to make people laugh her flex her more dramatic muscles. Yes, she has gotten to do some of it in the past here and there, the recent Enough Said comes to mind. However, the role originated by Lisa Loven Kongsli is a very rich part, and I think Louis-Dreyfus could do wonders with the part.

Again, I do not think this remake should happen. The original film is easily accessible to people and is great as it is. But, English language remakes are inevitable, and you could do a whole lot worse than putting Julia Louis-Dreyfus in your film. No director, screenwriter, or anything else is attached to the film that Fox Searchlight will release, but if they add on more quality names, it could be great. So, let’s all sit back, eat some muffin tops, and see what happens with this project.

Original report from The Hollywood Reporter.