‘Huntsman’ Prequel Finds Its Dwarves, Plus Plot Rumors


The Huntsman dwarves casting
Nick Frost in Snow White and the Huntsman
Photo: Universal Pictures

Universal’s sequel to Snow White and the Hunstman will simply be titled The Huntsman as it sets out to tell a prequel story centered on the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) and Ravenna’s (Charlize Theron) lives before the arrival of Kristen Stewart‘s Snow White. We already knew Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain had joined the cast and Nick Frost was expected to return as Nion, one of the dwarves featured in the first film. Now we learn of three new names joining the cast those being Rob Brydon (Trip to Italy), Alexandra Roach (Cuban Fury) and Sheridan Smith (Hysteria) all as dwarves alongside Frost.

Rumors as far as the plot are concerned suggest Chastain will be playing a character similar to the Hunstman, her specialty being with a bow, and they’ve teamed in an effort to obtain a “magical MacGuffin” before Emily Blunt’s evil, frosty Queen can get her hands on it.

Cedric Nicolas-Troyan is directing the feature with a release date set fir April 22, 2016. [Variety]