‘Imitation Game’ Exclusive, Knightley and Moore Talk Joan Clarke


Keira Knightley talks Imitation Game
Keira Knightley in The Imitation Game
Photo: The Weinstein Co.

The Imitation Game and the accompanying special features will be available for digital download beginning this Friday, March 20, eleven days before the release of the DVD and Blu-ray on March 31. As part of the awareness campaign, the Weinstein Company has sent over this exclusive look behind the scenes of the film featuring Oscar-winning screenwriter Graham Moore and Oscar-nominees Keira Knightley and producer Nora Grossman discussing Knightley’s Oscar nominated role as Joan Clarke, and the role she played in Alan Turing’s life and the events that transpired at Bletchley Park.

[amz asin=”B00R7FZ074″ size=”small”]To quote my review:

To call what takes place between Joan and Alan a love story is a bit disingenuous, but it is their relationship that adds another layer to the story, a layer that still relies on cliched storytelling tropes, but doesn’t feel cliche simply due to the kind of story being told. I’d say more, but that would only serve to spoil the film for those unfamiliar with Turing’s life.

Watch the behind the scenes look directly below.