Joe Carnahan Set to Direct One Time Possible Tom Cruise Starrer ‘Motorcade’


joe-carnahan-featBefore Tom Cruise decided to star in Knight & Day for James Mangold he was Motorcade, a thriller that was, at the time, to be directed by Len Wiseman, who instead went on to direct the Total Recall reboot. Looking at those options, it seems Cruise made the best choice for the time, but Motorcade never really died and Dreamworks is now ready to bring it back to life.

It was just announced Joe Carnahan has been brought aboard to direct the thriller which pits the U.S. president against terrorists who commandeer his motorcade on the streets of Los Angeles and Carnahan is bringing along his Smokin’ Aces star Ryan Reynolds to play a disgraced Secret Service agent that gets embroiled in the action. Hans Bauer and Craig Mitchell wrote the original screenplay and it would appear Billy Ray‘s rewrites from six years ago are what they are going to be shooting from.

Of course, this all sounds a lot like White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen, but I have to assume there is enough here for Carnahan to make this his own. Carnahan is coming off the success of “The Blacklist” and the much-undervalued Stretch.

For an idea of just how long this project has been around, the first time I wrote about it was Deadline]