Adam Sandler and Bob Barker Reunite for One Last Brawl


Bob Barker vs. Adam Sandler Comedy Central
Photo: Comedy Central

Adam Sandler has become something of a cinematic punching bag as of late, though you look back over his lengthy career and there are more than a few true gems, a couple of dramatic pieces I truly enjoy such as Punch-Drunk Love and Reign Over Me, but probably more importantly, a time when an Adam Sandler comedy actually meant bonafide laughs. One such “happy” memory from Sandler’s early career is his golf comedy Happy Gilmore in which we all remember his green side brawl with former (or was he still the current?) host of the “Price is Right“, Bob Barker. Now, as part of Comedy Central’s upcoming “Night of Too Many Stars”, the two have gotten back together for one last bout.

While I laughed a few times throughout this piece and, yes, they manage to fit in a little bit of toilet humor (this is Adam Sandler after all), the best came with the three cameo appearances at the end. Give it a watch below. [The Playlist]

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