Russo Brothers Lock Deal with Sony, Have They Proven Themselves Already?


Joe and Anthony Russo

Hollywood is such a weird place, Captain America: The Winter Soldier writer/director, sibling duo Joe and Anthony Russo had previously made the much-loathed You, Me and Dupree before finding sitcom success with “Community”. Now, well, now they are directing Captain America: Civil War, being considered for The Avengers: Infinity War – Part 1 and 2 and have just locked up a three-year first-look deal with Sony.

Obviously the immediate speculation is this has something to do with Sony’s new pact with Marvel and Disney, particularly with the expectation Spider-Man will show up in Captain America 3 before the new Spider-Man arrives in 2017, reportedly under the direction of Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods), but what have the Russo brothers really shown us that gives them such immediate cred in the industry?

I know people liked Winter Soldier more than I did, but was it so good that we’re ready to lock these boys up for three years? Then again, that could merely be the length in time they will be involved in shepherding Sony’s newest incarnation of Spider-Man into theaters as this new three-year deal will be down one year once Civil War arrives in 2016 and two years gone by the time the new Spider-Man rolls around. Hmmm, maybe Goddard isn’t entirely locked for that Spidey picture after all.

Sony Pictures president Doug Belgrad said in a statement, “Joe and Anthony Russo are terrifically exciting filmmakers with a sensibility that matches the tastes of audiences worldwide.” Sheesh, again, on Winter Soldier alone?

Now I’m not trying to discredit the Russos, just wondering why we’re so quick to jump on board their train before it’s even really left the station. [The Wrap]