Watch the Original ‘Whiplash’ Short Film That Became the Movie


Whiplash short film

It’s no secret Damien Chazelle‘s Whiplash was first a short film as that actually became part of the awards season conversation when the Academy decided Chazelle’s Whiplash screenplay would be considered an adapted screenplay rather than original. Thing is, Chazelle actually wrote the screenplay for the feature film first and only made the short as a means of getting the entire feature film funded. But no matter, awards controversies such as those don’t matter any longer. Whiplash has now won three Oscars and the film is already on DVD and Blu-ray, but Amazon is out of stock and won’t have new Blu-ray copies in until March 8. Yeesh! People are loving it!

[amz asin=”B00PT3AUYO” size=”small”]Speaking of which, included on the Blu-ray is that original short film that eventually became the movie and you can get a look at it directly below as it has now found its way online. Oscar winner J.K. Simmons plays the same role that won him an Oscar in the short while Johnny Simmons takes the role Miles Teller would eventually play in the feature film.

I’m not sure how long this will actually stay online as it is clearly a rip from an international source, but if you can get a look, do so below and look out for that Blu-ray on March 8 where you can own not only the short, but a wonderful feature film.

Oh, and like the film, this is not safe for work.

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