Leonardo DiCaprio Lines Up ‘The Crowded Tale’ with Multiple Personalities


dicaprioLeonardo DiCaprio has signed on to star in The Crowded Tale, the story of Billy Milligan, the first person to successfully use multiple personality disorder as a defense in a court of law. Thing is, DiCaprio has reportedly been eying this role for the better part of 20 years and now it seems it may be coming to life as it has found a home at New Regency with Jason Smilovic (Lucky Number Slevin) and Todd Katzberg writing the screenplay.

The film is an adaptation of Daniel Keyes’ nonfiction “The Minds of Billy Milligan, which tells the story of Milligan and his 24 personalities as well as his court trial in the late 1970s in Ohio after being charged with robbery and raping three women on the Ohio State University campus.

[amz asin=”0553263811″ size=”small”]In preparation for his defense he was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder and would later become the first to use the insanity defense, and first to be acquitted for this reason. His various personalities included Adalana, a lesbian taking responsibility for the rapes; Ragen, a Yugoslavian communist who admitted to the robbery; and Arthur, an uptight Englishman.

Man, I remember when DiCaprio was going to take that long break, then he was supposedly going to reunite with Jamie Foxx for Mean Business, he was THR]