‘Suicide Squad’ Compared to ‘Dark Knight’, Momoa’s Excitement for ‘Justice League’ & a Majestic Joker


Suicide Squad
Photo: DC Comics

I can’t tell what we should expect from the forthcoming DC Comics films at Warner Bros. and it seems the hardcore fans are just as curious and questioning as WB has made no secret about the fact the plan is to go all out, but they’ve made those plans without a ton of success so far. Of course, they enjoyed success with Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight franchise, but Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel, which is really the first installment in the DC cinematic multiverse wasn’t exactly the classic I think the studio was hoping for.

Yet, Snyder is back and about to bring us Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and after that we’re getting Suicide Squad as DC has decided not to go the Marvel route by sticking with the most familiar names in DC’s stable. That is, outside of the addition of The Joker, which will be played by Jared Leto in the film, a character director David Ayer has described on Twitter as “majestic”… whatever that means.

As for the film itself, Margot Robbie (Focus, The Wolf of Wall Street), who will play Harley Quinn, tells MTV, “I think on a scale of like, The Dark Knight is here and The Avengers is here, I think it’s more on the Dark Knight side of things.” I’m sure some fans are happy to hear that while others just wish that comparison would go away since we’ve been hearing similar such promises ever since that movie was first released.

Meanwhile, Jason Momoa recently enjoyed the reveal of his character Aquaman in Batman v Superman, but tells EW he didn’t even know they were going to do it until right beforehand. He also spoke of his character’s involvement in the movie saying “it’s Batman and Superman, it’s not my movie,” but he does look forward to The Justice League Part One adding, “We haven’t done too much on the action yet. You know, Justice League is still quite a ways away. But I’m looking forward to it. Henry’s a sweetheart, Ben is a badass, so I’m really looking forward to when we all shoot Justice League.”

Both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad are due in 2016 with Justice League hitting theaters in 2017.