Kristen Stewart to Join Michelle Williams and Laura Dern in Kelly Reichardt’s Next Film


kristen-stewart-cloudsI want to like Kelly Reichardt more than I do. She has a firm grasp over the tone and look of her films, but they just never grab me like I think they should. I still need to see her latest film, Night Moves, and maybe that one will change my mind. Regardless if I like her films or not, I am still interested in what she makes, which brings me to the subject of this article.

Kristen Stewart has signed up to join Reichardt’s next film alongside Michelle Williams and Laura Dern. This may not excite some people, as there is a fairly strong anti-Kristen Stewart group out there, but I am on the side of really liking her. People just need to leave Twilight behind forever in their memories and look to her other stuff. Her performances in things like Adventureland, On the Road, and Still Alice are very impressive (I’d argue she out-acts the Oscar winning Julianne Moore in that last one).

[amz asin=”B00NA9LVJ2″ size=”small”]I also think the vibe Stewart gives off will be one that meshes very well with Reichardt’s sensibility. I’m very interested in seeing how these two work together. In the meantime, I probably should just go watch Night Moves. It is on Amazon Prime Instant Video after all, so I do not really have an excuse.

As for this new picture, it’s not yet titled, but it is described as a series of vignettes revolving around the lives of people in small-town Montana. Stewart will play a young lawyer from Boise who takes a teaching job several hours from her house. Despite her nerves about teaching, she’s determined to prove to herself that she can do it. Soon after taking the job, Beth develops a close friendship with Jamie, a local woman who’s auditing her class. James Le Gros, Jared Harris and Sara Rodier have also joined the ensemble.

Original report from Deadline.