‘Gone Girl’ Symmetry or Lack Thereof in Locations and Events


Gone Girl doubles
Photo: 20th Century Fox

Look of Film has uploaded the below video exploring the multiple uses of certain locations and events seen in David Fincher‘s Gone Girl and, in their words, examining “How do we get there and what changes when we go back?”

[amz asin=”B00Q5996EQ” size=”small”]It’s short, to the point and a little fascinating when it comes to similarities and differences. Perhaps a larger smile or the use of a different color pallette, the latter is extremely noticeable, and for good reason, in the first instance displayed as Nick (Ben Affleck) strokes Amy’s (Rosamund Pike) head… you know, the one he wants to crack open, unspool her brain and attempt to get some answers…

Check it out below.

[vimeo id=”120741828″ width=”500″]