Paramount Shuffles Horror Slate, Moving ‘The Ring 3’, ‘Friday the 13th’ & Latest ‘Paranormal Activity’


paranormal-activity-dia-de-los-muertos-featParamount has three notable horror films on the horizon and one of them is a direct sequel, another is a reboot and yet another is a “something like a sequel” and all three are being shuffled around the release board.

First off, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension was previously scheduled for a March 13 release, but will now open on October 23, returning the franchise to its successful Halloween roots.

Next is Rings, the third film in The Ring franchise with F. Javier Gutierrez directing after he was supposed to direct the remake of The Crow, which he is no longer attached to and seems to have pretty much fallen to pieces. Rings will hit theaters on November 13 of this year.

[amz asin=”1932234411″ size=”small”]No details on the plot for Rings, at least none specifically though Samara is expected to return as is the fateful videotape (I think it’s going to be a prequel). Aviva Goldsman, David Loucka and Jacon Aaron Estes were involved in penning the script, which was based on Koji Suzuki‘s 1991 novel.

Finally, once set for that November 13 release date, Paramount has moved their Friday the 13th reboot to May 13, 2016, smack dab between Captain America: Civil War one week earlier and Alice In Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass and X-Men: Apocalypse one week later.

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