Disney Wants Chris Pratt for ‘Indiana Jones’ Because They Can’t Possibly Leave Anything Alone


peter-quill-father-guardians-featAs much as I do not want it to happen, I know it is only an inevitability for Disney to want to reboot the Indiana Jones series after buying the rights from Paramount in 2013. Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade are two of my favorite movies, and unlike most fans who want to be over saturated with a product until they die, I am happy just having those films. We’ve already been soiled by Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

So, Disney is looking at someone already under their employment in the Marvel franchise to take over the fedora from Harrison Ford, everyone’s new favorite person Chris Pratt. The man already has Guardians of the Galaxy, has Jurassic World coming out later this year, and is starting production on The Magnificent Seven with Denzel Washington. Throw another thing at him. I mean, why not?

Look, I have nothing against Chris Pratt. He is a fine actor, and if he ends up being cast as Indy, good for him. I just do not need more Indiana Jones in my life. Disney, just because you can make more Indy movies does not mean you should. I know it will make you a bunch of money, but you already own so many properties that will make you a bunch of money. Make those instead and let one – just one – much loved property stay as is.

Original report from Deadline.

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