Listen to Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan Perform Two Songs from ‘The Last Five Years’


LastFiveYears-featWith the release of the movie less than a month away, promotion for the terrific adaptation of Jason Robert Brown‘s The Last Five Years is underway. The film is a musical, which means the soundtrack is a useful tool to reveal some snippets from the film. Two tracks from the soundtrack, which you can preorder here, have been released to pleasure your ear holes.

The two tracks are “Moving Too Fast” performed by Jeremy Jordan and “I Can Do Better Than That” by Anna Kendrick. These two have exquisite voices, without losing a bit of performance in order to sing better. They both act and sing simultaneously. We don’t get that in movie musicals often.

These are two of the more upbeat tracks from the film, as they both take place while the relationship is on the up-and-up. Out of context, I do not know how these songs play, as I can’t remove myself from the context, but I hope you all who don’t know the music already enjoy them. Both songs, as well as the trailer, are available for you to listen and watch.

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