Tom Cruise and Doug Liman Reteaming for ’80s Drug Thriller ‘Mena’


Tom Cruise and Doug Liman reteaming for Mena
Tom Cruise and Doug Liman on the set of Edge of Tomorrow
Photo: Warner Bros.

I was a big fan of Doug Liman and Tom Cruise‘s Edge of Tomorrow to the point it made my year end top ten so I’m all for a re-teaming as the director and actor are in talks to reteam for Mena, a 1980s drug thriller set up at Universal Pictures.

Ron Howard was previously attached to direct the feature, which first arrived at the studio as a spec script by Gary Spinelli with a story centered on Barry Seal (Cruise), a fired TWA pilot who became a major drug smuggler for the Medellin Cartel. He was later recruited by the DEA and CIA to provide intelligence, with his work tying to the Iran Contra scandal.

You can read a little more about Seal on Wikipedia, but beware, you might spoil a few details you would rather not know until seeing the film. [THR]

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