Pitt, Bale, and Gosling Join the Adaptation of Michael Lewis’ ‘The Big Short’


moneyballFEATI guess Brad Pitt really enjoyed delving into the world of author Michael Lewis with Moneyball that he is keen enough to take a second dip into the writer’s catalogue. This time Pitt’s Plan B will produce an adaptation of Lewis’ The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, simply calling it The Big Short, which tells the story of the build up of the housing and credit bubble in the early 2000s.

s[amz asin=”0393338827″ size=”small”]What makes the project a bit more interesting is, according to Variety, Pitt will star in the film alongside Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling. That is a trio of actors I am sure many of you out there are keen to see on screen together. I am not the biggest Gosling fan in the world, but you want me to see a movie starring Pitt and Bale? Yes, please.

Along with these three, Adam McKay is the one writing the screenplay based on Lewis’ nonfiction book. I am a McKay fan and is a bit of an unexpected choice to tackle this material. Though, The Other Guys had its share of economy elements (such as the film’s end credits, which I’ve included below). He is currently only signed on to write the film and a director has yet to be chosen.

I was not the biggest fan of Moneyball, despite Aaron Sorkin and Steve Zaillion on the script. I hope this adaptation of a nonfiction book makes a smoother transition to the screen for me. My interest in this is rising.

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