‘Gone Girl’ Leads This Week’s New DVD and Blu-ray Releases


This Week On DVD and Blu-ray: January 13, 2015

Gone Girl
Gone Girl on DVD Blu-ray today
Obviously this is the week’s top title, what with the Blu-ray coming with its very own “Amazing Amy” book, though I have to assume the David Fincher commentary is the big draw here for most people. However, there has to be a special edition of this title coming out at some point considering other than the commentary this is pretty much a bare bones release. If anything this is a title I’d love to see Criterion get their hands on down the line, though I think Fox will take the opportunity for a special edition release in the future before that ever happens.

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A Walk Among the Tombstones
A Walk Among the Tombstones on DVD Blu-ray today
This was an a’ight movie, nothing I would necessarily write home about, though it thankfully wasn’t just another Taken-style movie as director Scott Frank was definitely going for something a little old school, noirish… it just didn’t entirely work in the end.

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Love Is Strange
I’ve heard a lot of good things about John Lithgow‘s performance in this one, though I have not yet watched it for myself. Anyone out there want to back up those claims in the comments?

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Young Ones
Young Ones on DVD Blu-ray today
I never saw this one, but Mike here.

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Men, Women & Children
Men, Women & Children on DVD Blu-ray today
Ugh, not a good movie, though it does have some good performances (Kaitlyn Dever especially) and actually could have been quite good had Jason Reitman cut out a few of the stories and made a little bit more of a focused feature rather than his shotgun approach to the subject matter.

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The Identical
The Identical on DVD Blu-ray today
Uhhhh, no.

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Jessabelle on DVD Blu-ray today
Originally both Annabelle and Jessabelle were going to be released today, can you imagine the confusion? It would have been bedlam in the aisles!

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Revenge of the Green Dragons
Revenge of the Green Dragons on DVD Blu-ray today
Hey, look the worst movie of 2015 is here! Pick it up today and hate it for the first time or all over again. Either way it keeps on delivering.

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