Red Letter Media Wants to Talk About How Awesome ‘Boyhood’ Is


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With it winning the Golden Globe for Best Picture last night, Boyhood is easily the frontrunner for Best Picture at the Oscars. There is almost unanimous praise heaped on to this film. I am no different. It will be making my top ten of the year, in a fairly high position. However, people need to calm down about the movie. Boyhood, despite what some critics will tell you, is not the second coming.

Well, the folks over at Red Letter Media (Mike Stoklasa, Jay Bauman, and Rich Evans, to be specific) were not the biggest fans of the film. So, on episode 76 of their show “Half in the Bag“, which was the episode that followed their review of Boyhood, took the time for a pretty great response to people who loved it.

Obviously, I disagree with their opinion of the film, but that does not mean their opinion is invalid. RLM is made up of very smart, talented, and funny people, and even if you love Boyhood, they can still make you laugh with this and put your hyperbole in perspective. So, check out the video below. And if you are curious as to why a green mist is coming into the room, watch the “Half in the Bag” series.

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They also recently did a preview of what we have to look forward to this coming year in movies. It will make you laugh… and very sad.

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