Hawke Hints at Criterion Getting Their Hands on Linklater’s ‘Before’ Trilogy


Before trilogy to Criterion
Photo: Columbia Pictures

I apologize for posting what is essentially a bit of non-news, but it does go to what many (including myself) perceived to be hints at Richard Linklater‘s Before series of films — Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight — coming to the Criterion Collection in their Boyhood shindig and asked the actor about the chances of seeing the films on Blu-ray and Hawke said Criterion is trying to secure rights to all three films and release them as a trilogy. He doesn’t haven any additional information, but that at least suggests something is in the works.

Of course, that means getting rights from Sony and Warner Bros. and you’d think Hawke would have a little more information had he been brought in to put together a new featurette or possibly commentaries for the three films. Either that or he’s just keeping things quiet until Criterion releases it on their own. Otherwise, you can watch his response below, but there really isn’t anything more he said.

SIDE NOTE: I think many are correct and the perceived Before trilogy hints are most likely just a hint at the Dardennes Two Days, One Night. See the artwork here.

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