Watch: IMAX Projectionist Preps a 70mm ‘Interstellar’ Print


Christopher Nolan on Set for Interstellar
Photo: Paramount Pictures

The long awaited release of Christopher Nolan‘s latest film Interstellar has dwindled down to just a day away. Well, it is a day away for people who are going to see the film in either 35mm, 70mm, or, how I will be seeing it, 70mm IMAX. After Nolan’s track record with how he has used the IMAX format, I cannot imagine seeing his films any other way.

Many people wonder, including myself, what goes into assembling a film print, let alone a three-hour long IMAX print. Well, a projectionist named Armando Mena down in Fort Lauderdale is here to tell us the details in a video you can watch below. Their print stretches over 60,000 feet long, which is a distance I cannot even really picture in my head.

I love the look of film and wish everything was shot and projected on film. Seeing this kind of behind the scenes stuff is very interesting to me, as I am sure it is to many film lovers out there. Again, you can watch the assembling of an Interstellar print below.

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