The History of J.J. Abrams Abandoned Superman Movie, ‘Superman: Flyby’


abramsIn some cobwebbed region of my brain I have probably stored the information that J.J. Abrams once wrote a screenplay for a Superman movie for Warner Bros. titled Superman: Flyby of which McG (as well as Brett Ratner) was originally attached to direct, but I had completely forgotten it until this following audio essay by Mr. Sunday Movies popped up online (via Slashfilm).

Now the essay goes into detail about the various stages of the screenplay (which is available right here) and how the story was meant to be played out, including Kryptonian kung fu, the death and resurrection of Superman and an idea where Lex Luthor is also Kryptonian. I don’t know much about Superman lore and don’t really care, but the plot of this thing sounds horrible.

Apparently Josh Schwartz (“The O.C.”) was commissioned at one point to rewrite Abrams’ script and Robert Downey Jr. was considered as Lex Luthor with Selma Blair and Scarlett Johnasson as possible Lois Lane’s. I tried to search my archives to see if I’ve covered this in the past, but to no avail.

Anyway, check out the video below, it’s mildly amusing and just another example of how WB had such a hard time getting a new Superman movie off the ground, the other being Tim Burton‘s version of which a Kevin Smith’s Superman Lives.

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