Zebediah de Soto Talks Night of the Living Dead: Origins

ShockTillYouDrop.com talked exclusively to Zebediah de Soto about directing the upcoming 3D CGI film Night of the Living Dead: Origins, in which Danielle Harris (Halloween II) will play Barbara. The film, co-written by David Schwartz and produced by Simon West Productions, is a re-imagining of the George A. Romero classic. Here’s a clip from the interview:

“I want to see a helicopter clipping its propeller on a building and careening into a crowd of people. Zombies going through the streets. A thousand people tearing each other apart, zombies tearing them apart, total chaos,” De Soto expresses with an air of enthusiasm that is fighting off waves of fatigue from working all night. But wait, helicopters, explosions, and a sea of zombies – this sort of contradicts George A. Romero’s original vision put on screen in ’68, doesn’t it? You bet. De Soto is bringing, to the Dead universe a sense of scope that, he says, has never been seen before in the zombie genre.

You can check out the full interview, in which another possible cast member is revealed, by clicking here.


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