Box Office Actuals: ‘Sin City 2’ and ‘If I Stay’ Dip a Little More


Sin City A Dame to Kill For Box OfficeWhat is there to say about Sin City: A Dame to Kill For other than it was a massive failure, notching only $6.31 million over the course of its opening weekend, well shy of the expected $20 million and almost $4 million less than the lowest reader prediction on the board (kudos J T). It flopped and this is probably the last we’ll write about it until it hits DVD and Blu-ray in three months or so.

Then there’s If I Stay, which did well considering its $11 million budget, but even it was expected to do much more after opening with $6.8 million on Friday only to eventually bring in $3.2 million on Sunday as it ended the three-day with $15.6 million. Good considering the budget, yes, bad considering the start.

When the Game Stands Tall eeked out $8.3 million, Guardians of the Galaxy is now the highest grossing domestic release of the summer and in just a few days Edge of Tomorrow will cross $100 million domestically. That, folks, is about all there is to say about this weekend.

I’ve listed the current top ten from the points and accuracy leaderboards directly below and you can find the full leaderboard here. For the complete box office top ten and points awarded for this weekend specifically click here.

Points Leaderboard Top 10

  1. PJ Edwards (53 points)
  2. Alan Smithee (50 points)
  3. J T (48 points)
  4. Arthur Carlson (45 points)
  5. austinjoel (45 points)
  6. Nathan (42 points)
  7. Matt P (37 points)
  8. Vaus (35 points)
  9. Peter Bandrowsky (32 points)
  10. Rach (32 points)

Accuracy Leaderboard Top 10

  1. J T (83.627% accuracy)
  2. Return of the BT (81.728% accuracy)
  3. Exxdee13 (79.669% accuracy)
  4. Rob (79.663% accuracy)
  5. Ryan Jayden (79.53% accuracy)
  6. Jack Tyler (78.103% accuracy)
  7. Matt Taylor (78.097% accuracy)
  8. Arthur Carlson (78.013% accuracy)
  9. Mykael (77.715% accuracy)
  10. Matt P (77.305% accuracy)