Watch: Christopher Nolan Discusses His First Feature Film, ‘Following’


Christopher Nolan Following interview
Photo: Criterion

A 26-minute interview with Christopher Nolan as he discusses his first feature film Following has found its way online, ripped from the Criterion Collection release of the film which also included an audio commentary from Nolan as well as a chronological cut of the entire film.

[amz asin=”B009D5LVCE” size=”small”]Shot on 16mm, Nolan discusses why he chose to shoot in black-and-white, his lighting decisions based on budgetary constraints as well as how much they rehearsed the film. Just think, here’s a guy shooting an entire film on 16mm with limited resources and money who has since directed such massive hits as the entirety of The Dark Knight trilogy and Inception and is now talking about shooting an entire film on IMAX film stock.

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Check out the full interview below and if you like what you see you can buy the Criterion edition Blu-ray here.