This Poster for ‘Trash’ is… Well… Ridiculous


A poster for Stephen Daldry‘s Trash has premiered and it’s … not good.

What is with the running and jumping happy children in a trash dump and that tagline — “You never know what you might find”? The kid in the middle is clearly happy, and the one on the right looks as if he is on the same track, but not so much with my man on the left. I guess he didn’t get the memo, or he didn’t find anything too great in the trash, maybe a hypodermic needle, maybe he was an extra in Honeybucket: The Movie, (which, oddly enough, had the same tagline) and they just reused him for this poster, or maybe he’s the the only one representing the film’s plot.

For some context, Trash follows these three boys in Brazil as they scrape a living by picking through trash. One day they find a leather bag, the contents of which plunge them into a terrifying adventure, pitting their wits against corruption and authority to right a wrong.

The pic co-stars Martin Sheen, Rooney Mara and Wagner Moura and given it’s from Daldry you’d think Universal would be prepping a big Oscar push, but nothing yet, not even a festival appearance and it’s hitting screens in Brazil this October.

Check out the poster below and I’ve also included the international trailer if you missed it. Because if you haven’t watched the trailer yet, do so, the poster is even worse after you get a full idea of what kind of movie this is.