Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg Looking to Reteam for New Movie


Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg getting back together
Photo: Focus Features

The Cornetto trilogy — Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End — may be over, but that doesn’t mean Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg (and let’s hope Nick Frost) are done working together as Pegg tells BBC Music (via Digital Spy), “When we said the trilogy was over, it was because that group of films was over… The next thing we do won’t do that, it will just be something else. It will happen. We made three films in ten years and hopefully in the next decade we’ll make another three.”

As for what’s next, Pegg added, “Edgar and I were having a conversation the other day about it, and it has a title and everything. We’re kind of into a creative cycle now… [It] will happen when we can do it.”

Hmmmmm, “when we can do it”. That’s probably because Wright has a film called Baby Driver expected to be his next feature with Grasshopper Jungle, an adaptation of Andrew Smith‘s young adult novel, possible after that. Meanwhile, Pegg has Mission: Impossible 5 and Star Trek 3 on the horizon so it could be a couple years before we see the comedic duo back together, but if it’s anything like their previous collaborations it will be worth the wait.