Box Office Actuals: ‘Expendables 3’ Less than Estimated and ‘Hercules’ Bumps ‘Boyhood’


expendables-3So the big question everyone is asking is why did The Expendables 3 do so poorly? Was it the pirated copy leaking online? Was it franchise fatigue? Was it the PG-13 rating? Was it the low quality? What was it!?!?!? Well, no matter what it was (obviously a combination of all those factors) the film failed at the box office and has failed worse than estimated as the final numbers are in and it ended the weekend with $15.8 million. That’s enough for third place behind #1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ($28.6m), Guardians of the Galaxy ($25.1m) and fellow newcomer Let’s Be Cops in fourth.

Let’s Be Cops, which opened on Wednesday, did quite well in its first five days, bringing in $17.8 million over the weekend for a five day total of $26.2 million. Meanwhile, the only other wide new release of the weekend was The Giver, which, like Expendables, was pretty much a bust out of the gates, bringing in $12.3 million on its way to never being heard from again.

Finally, while it looked like Richard Linklater‘s Hercules by a couple-hundred thousand. Oh well…

I’ve listed the current top ten from the points and accuracy leaderboards directly below and you can find the full leaderboard here. For the complete box office top ten and points awarded for this weekend specifically click here.

Points Leaderboard Top 10

  1. PJ Edwards (52 points)
  2. Alan Smithee (48 points)
  3. Arthur Carlson (45 points)
  4. J T (43 points)
  5. Nathan (42 points)
  6. austinjoel (40 points)
  7. Matt P (37 points)
  8. Vaus (35 points)
  9. Dave AD (31 points)
  10. Peter Bandrowsky (30 points)

Accuracy Leaderboard Top 10

  1. J T (84.428% accuracy)
  2. Return of the BT (82.59% accuracy)
  3. Exxdee13 (80.595% accuracy)
  4. Ryan Jayden (80.519% accuracy)
  5. Rob (80.327% accuracy)
  6. Arthur Carlson (79.132% accuracy)
  7. Matt Taylor (78.999% accuracy)
  8. Jack Tyler (78.855% accuracy)
  9. Matt P (78.33% accuracy)
  10. PJ Edwards (77.872% accuracy)