What I Watched, What You Watched #258


trip-to-italyI watched four films this week, all within a timespan of just over 24 hours. The first was The Trip on Tuesday evening. I originally thought I’d be watching The Giver on Tuesday night, but it turns out I misread my calendar and the screening was at 3 PM, not 7 PM like most screenings for new releases are, so I missed it and had some time that evening and with The Trip to Italy coming out this weekend I decided to finally see the original, which I enjoyed and you can see for yourself on NetFlix Instant.

Then, on Wednesday I caught The Guest at 3 PM, The Expendables 3 at 7 PM and by about 9:30 PM I was watching The Trip to Italy at home and while The Expendables 3 wasn’t top notch cinema, I have to say it was a triple feature where I pretty much enjoyed all three movies quite a bit. The Guest and Trip to Italy were definitely the highlights and I’ll have a review of The Guest for you during the Toronto Film Festival in early September while reviews of the others can be found here.

Other than that, I didn’t watch anything else this week, but this coming week I have three films I’ll be watching in preparation for the Toronto Film Festival, which means I’ll have at least four TIFF films seen and reviewed before the fest which will hopefully open my schedule quite a bit. The only other film I’ll be seeing this week is Sin City: A Dame to Kill For as I have been warned to skip If I Stay and I think I’ll heed those warnings.

Now, what did you watch?