Jean Dujardin Looks to Take Down the French Mafia in ‘The Connection’


The Connection picture
Jean Dujardin in The Connection

One of the new films announced for the The Connection (La French), a film that looks to tell the story from the other side of the pond for those of you familiar with William Friedkin‘s classic The French Connection.

Starring Jean Dujardin (The Artist), the movie takes place in Marseille, 1975. Pierre Michel (Dujardin), a young police magistrate with a wife and children, has just been transferred to help crack down on the city’s organized crime. He decides to take on the French Connection, a Mafia-run operation that exports heroin all over the world. Not paying heed to any warnings, he leads a one-man campaign against Mafia kingpin Gaetan Zampa (Gilles Lellouche), the most untouchable godfather of all. But Pierre Michel soon discovers that to get results he will have to change his methods.

The film is featured as one of the Gala selections at the Toronto Film Festival, for the fest’s complete lineup so far click here.