Box Office Actuals: ‘Ninja Turtles’ #1 with $65.5 Million, ‘Guardians’ Over $313M Worldwide


turtles-box-officeHad the $36 million tracking for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles been accurate, Guardians of the Galaxy would have been #1 for a second weekend in a row, as expected. However, like Guardians, Ninja Turtles flew by the tracking number to the tune of $65.5 million in its opening weekend, prompting Paramount to set a 2016 release date for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

Worldwide the Turtles opened to $94.2 million, while Guardians dropped 55.3% in its second weekend, bringing in $42.1 million and its worldwide cume is now up to $313.8 million in only ten days.

Elsewhere, Into the Storm brought in $17.3 million in its opening frame, but it is likely to sink like a stone over the coming weekends. The geriatric crowd seemed to enjoy The Hundred-Foot Journey as it brought in a satisfactory $10.9 million on a $22 million budget and fewer and fewer tickets are being purchased for the Step Up movies as the fifth in the franchise, Step Up All In opened to an all-time low of only $6.4 million. No worries, it’s already over $44 million worlwide as that’s where this franchise is making all its cash nowadays.

I’ve listed the current top ten from the points and accuracy leaderboards directly below and you can find the full leaderboard here. For the complete box office top ten and points awarded for this weekend specifically click here.

Points Leaderboard Top 10

  1. PJ Edwards (52 points)
  2. Alan Smithee (48 points)
  3. Nathan (42 points)
  4. J T (41 points)
  5. Arthur Carlson (40 points)
  6. austinjoel (40 points)
  7. Matt P (37 points)
  8. Dave AD (31 points)
  9. Peter Bandrowsky (30 points)
  10. Vaus (30 points)

Accuracy Leaderboard Top 10

  1. J T (84.292% accuracy)
  2. Return of the BT (82.519% accuracy)
  3. Exxdee13 (80.5% accuracy)
  4. Ryan Jayden (80.301% accuracy)
  5. Rob (80.296% accuracy)
  6. Matt Taylor (79.025% accuracy)
  7. Arthur Carlson (78.955% accuracy)
  8. Jack Tyler (78.421% accuracy)
  9. Matt P (78.33% accuracy)
  10. PJ Edwards (77.961% accuracy)