Scrub In, Watch the First Episode of Steven Soderbergh’s ‘The Knick’ Online


knick-online-featOn Friday night, Cinemax premiered the first episode of Steven Soderbergh‘s “The Knick” and now that episode has made its way online for you to watch for free.

I wrote up a here) and will say I’m currently more interested in the time period in which the show takes place and the idea of exploring early medicine than I am in the characters. Here’s a snippet:

Having only watched the first two episodes (they sent me the first seven) I can’t say I’m wholly in the bag for the show just yet as it is yet another television series that seems determined to focus solely on the bleak nature of the situation at hand and absolutely nothing that would seem to offer any sense of relief from the despair. Dead babies, cocaine use, racial issues, deviant ambulance drivers, electrical issues, mob issues, dangerous procedures, untested procedures, illegal abortions, etc. etc. I’m not saying I need this to turn into the third act of a romantic comedy, but come on, there is some light in the world, just look for it.

Give the first episode a watch and decide for yourself and if you’ve already seen it I’d love to hear your thoughts. Will you be tuning in this Friday for more?

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