First ‘Saved by the Bell’ Movie Clip is Poison


The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story
Photo: Lifetime

For whatever reason, the inclusion of Bel Biv DeVoe‘s “Poison” laid over this first clip from Lifetimes’s “Saved by the Bell” movie is funny to me. It doesn’t exactly make much sense, but the interaction between the characters in the middle of this promotional photo shoot is sort of funny and seems plausible enough. I just wonder how accurate any of this actually is.

Supposedly much of the story is inspired by Dustin Diamond‘s tell-all “Behind the Bell“, which could also just be a bunch of bullshit, but as someone that watched this show when he was younger, I’m mildly curious about this little “unauthorized” Saved By the Bell Story… you?

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The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story airs on Lifetime on September 1.