Watch Out… Spoilers! ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Cameos Revealed


guardians-of-the-galaxy-trailer-teaser-featUPDATE: Apparently the previous headline was a spoiler and people got angry on Twitter. So, I’ve changed it and you should know there are spoilers in this post.

Marvel has released the press kit for Guardians of the Galaxy and Stitch Kingdom pored over the credits to notice Stan Lee will play a character named Xandarian Ladies’ Man, Nathan Fillion cameos as Monstrous Inmate, Rob Zombie voices Ravager Navigator Voice and writer/director James Gunn cameos as Maskless Sakaaran.

Then they reach a little deeper, noticing at the very end of the scroll it says “Howard the Duck created by STEVE GERBER and VAL MAYERIK”, which very well seems to suggest that yes, the Marvel character that appeared in the 1986 box-office bust directed by Willard Huyck very well may be seen walking around the world of the Guardians. Makes sense to me, you have a talking tree and raccoon, why not throw in a duck as well?

We’ll know more soon enough as I’ll be seeing the film this coming Wednesday and it hits theaters on August 1.